Friday, 23 June 2006

KARSI SANAT Territories of Duration

Karsi Sanat, Istanbul. Turkey
June 23 - July 15 2006

Curated by Gülsen Bal


Cengiz Tekin
Dilek Winchester
Elena Cologni
Genco Gülan
Karl Ingar Roys
Nasan Tur
Shezad Dawood
Sophia Kosmaoglou
Turan Aksoy

Following on a pace from the exhibition where it was, shall I be which took place in September 2005 at Keçiburcu in Diyarbak›r, inquiring that invites for a reply on how Europe is European but also how does one create ones own space, this new group exhibition Territories of Duration continues to explore the issues by questioning 'difference of identity' and 'difference' which inhibits transitional interactions, and therefore it aims to create a cross-border communication dialogue at 'existential territorial' boundaries within an interdisciplinary artistic approach.

For this group exhibition, Cengiz Tekin, Dilek Winchester, Elena Cologni, Genco Gülan, Karl Ingar Røys, Nasan Tur, Shezad Dawood, Sophia Kosmaoglou and Turan Aksoy have been invited to present works addressing the questions of new European space.

The project curator Gülsen Bal brings forward artist responses by asking where do 'borders' and 'in-between spaces' relative to the 'inside' and 'outside' inter-connect in the context of a Europe and its borders, specifically the new the fortress Europe (Festung Europa) which has walls of concrete significance, marks a rupture with a Europe to come.

These issues subsequently will cover the differential structures in representational boundaries as well as some complementary ideas, including the border in its essential paradox as it often characterized by affinity to the relation between 'here' and 'there,' between 'us' and 'them,' between 'city' and 'country.' This touches not only our political borders, but also the borders with an external world particularly in relation to the material, the geographic object called "Terre" (Erde) with its existence to the ambivalent articulation.

In this context territories of Duration will explore the temporary mediation systems with its practical ramifications in a way that it will simultaneously open up a range of fields of possibility on different scenarios where the new ways of being in the world are re-read to follow unfamiliar routes and cross trans-local and/or trans-national boundaries in re-locating European space, which is firmly rooted in the daily life.
Amidst such transgressions, there emerges edges of inter-disciplinarity and critical modalities.

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