Saturday, 17 November 2018

Circolo Scandinavo Rome

Please join us next Tuesday at 19.00 to meet up with the second set of November artists. During the evening our artists from Norway and Denmark will be presenting. Come enjoy an evening filled with Nordic culture and interesting people!


  • Sidsel Carré | Painter
  • Karl Ingar Røys | Visual artist

The event is held in English.
Free entrance while seats available.

Meet the Artists
20.11 at 19.30
Circolo Scandinavo,
Via della Lungara 231
00165 Roma

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Monday, 5 November 2018

Kreativ aktivisme i Thailand. Ny Tid November 2018

Foto/Karl Ingar Røys
”Next time I would rather have rice with fish sauce.”
Studentaktivisten Parit Chiwarak kommenterer sin Rehearsal for Starvation 
Noodle-Protest i Bangkok på Facebook 28 mai, 2018.

Les min artikkel om Thailands kreative aktivister i siste utgave av Ny Tid. 
My last article in the monthly newspaper Ny Tid on creative activism in Thailand.

Friday, 26 October 2018

KAMP på Hausmania, Oslo November 18

Rianxeira screening at Tentacles Art Space Bangkok 2018

Filmvisning og kunstnersamtale på Hausmania

Den 18. november kl. 18.00 viser Karl Ingar Røys noen av sine filmprosjekter fra Norge, Burma og Spania i Flerbrukshallen på Hausmania Kulturhus, Hausmannsgate 34.
Arrangementet er en del av utstillingsserien «Kamp – min, din og alles andre», ledet av Madeleine Park. Etter visning blir det diskusjon og samtale med Are Syvertsen fra Den norske filmskolen på Lillehammer, Madeleine Park med flere.  Prosjektet er et samarbeid mellom Hausmania Kulturhus og The Black Cube, gjennomført med støtte fra Kulturetaten Oslo, Kulturrådet og Fritt Ord. Samtaleserien har fokus på alternative kulturarenaer og kunstens posisjon i en tid av populisme  

We continue the “The Struggle” - series with presentations and conversations about alternative arenas for culture, cultural activism and the position of art in society in times of populism.
Sunday November 18th at 6 Pm there will be a screening of films by Karl Ingar Røys. The whole program with three films is about 50 min long. After the screening there will be a conversation between Karl Ingar Røys and Are Syvertsen from the Filmschool in Lillehammer and the audience. Light refreshments. 

Filmer som vises:
Ernas Video (2005) 30 min
Rianxeira (2018) 15.30 min
The Generation of the Peacocks (2016 ) 5.17 min

Hausmania Kulturhus
Hausmannsgate 34
0182 Oslo

Sunday, 30 September 2018

To whom it May Concern at Somerset House London

TBCTV, a new installation bringing together visual art performance and theatre opens this October from Studios residents Mel Brimfield, Ewan Jones Morris and Chloe Lamford.

Transforming Somerset House’s Lancaster Rooms into a mock TV studio, TBCTV presents a dynamic and evolving programme of new live theatre and film screenings, including a new short play from award-winning Welsh playwright and screenwriter, Tim Price.

To Whom it May Concern
Karl Ingar Røys 
Single Channel SD Video 3.00 min 

03 – 07 October 2018
Somerset House
London WC2R 1LA

Artists featured on TBC TV
Mark Aerial Waller, Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger, Benjamin Berg, Daria Blum, Hazel Brill, Tom Cardew & Katarina Rankovic, Sarah Cockings & Harriet Fleurot, Collectif_fact, Phil Collins, Milo Creese, Amy Cutler, Rob Daglish, Nikita Daikar, Chris Paul Daniels, Hannah Dargavel-Leafe & Jack West, Phoebe Davies, Anita Delaney, Roy Efrat, Anna Eijsbouts, Bec Evans, Rob Flint, Samuel Fouracre, Robert Fox, Lisa Freeman, Vilte Fuller, Rachel Garber Cole, Rosie Gibbens, Dave Griffiths, Winston Hacking, Katie Handley, Felice Hapetzeder, Susannah Hewlett, Onyeka Igwe, Karl Ingar Røys, Zoe Irvine & Pernille Spence, Matthew de Kersaint Gerdeau, John Lawrence, Shannon Lewis, Tasha Lizak-Naikauskas, Charlie Lynne, David Mackintosh, James McColl, Annie Morrells, Rebecca Moss, Cinzia Mutigli, Nowhere Mountain, Marijn Ottenhof, Molly Palmer, Nat Paton, Kevin John Pocock, Katerina Rankovic, Casey Raymond, Sean Reynard, Joey Rykien, Natalie Sharp, Natalia Skobeeva, Aoi Swimming & Mikio Saito, Paul Tarrago, Thu Tran, Charlie Tweed, Puck Verkade, Dominic Watson, Demelza Watts, Rowan Wrigley, Shino Yanai.

TBCTV is supported by the Case Foundation and the Art Fund.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Fondation d'entreprise espace écureuil pour l'art contemporain

The Generation of the Peacocks (Down Tot Myo Sat)
Single Channel HD Video. Duration 5.17 min
Thangyat is one of the oldest examples of Burmese song culture. It is performed with a lead singer who has a dancing chorus behind him which responds to the main singer. Thangyat can be funny and satirical combining politics, poetry, dance and music. Traditionally, troupes of Thangyat singers celebrate the yearly Burmese water-festival with songs, chants, dances and plays. The performances were banned for decades because they often have an anti-authoritarian slant but have been officially allowed since 2013. Still, Thangyat groups were required to send their chants to the regional government’s Information and Public Relation Department for approval also in 2015. According to government rules, chants cannot feature “one-sided accusations and criticisms that could affect the dignity of the Union of Republic of Myanmar and the government” and must not “lead to the disintegration of national solidarity”. The student movement in Burma has been a very important political force in the most pivotal events in its brutal history. Even after the new political reforms several university students who work politically have been intimidated and arrested.
Fearuring: Zayar Lwin, Min Thu Kyaw, Paing Ye Thu, Aung Aung, Tint Tint Su, Paing Phyo Min, Nan Lin & Han Htoo Khant Paing

A Visibility Matrix
09.21.18 - 10.21.18
Fondation espace écureuil pour l'art contemporain
3 place du Capitole
31000 Toulouse


L’artiste irlandais Gerard Byrne puise ses sujets dans l'univers médiatique. Qu'il s'agisse de la reconstitution d’un débat publié dans « Playboy » en 1972 ou de la mise en scène d'un texte paru en 1928 dans la revue La Révolution Surréaliste, les films de Byrne voient débattre des personnalités du XXe siècle – artistes, écrivains, hommes d’affaire – de questions sociales et politiques de leur époque. Pour A Visibility Matrix, Byrne collabore avec un complice de longue date, l’artiste sonore Sven Anderson. Ils s’intéressent ici au web et aux technologies de mise en réseau. L’œuvre se compose en effet de l'agrégation de nombreuses images abordant la question du visible. Artistes, cinéastes, anthropologues, documentaristes..., un large réseau de contributeurs a transmis des films aux artistes, leur confiant le rôle de grands ordonnateurs. Ils ont conçu la matrice, une longue séquence d'images synchronisées et disséminées dans un dispositif multi-écrans présenté pour la première fois en juin 2018 à la Douglas Hyde Gallery de Dublin. Les écrans s’animent et s’éteignent selon une partition complexe rendue possible par le logiciel développé par Byrne et Anderson ces dernières années.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Ernas Video # Juraj Dobrila University of Pula

9th Annual IIPPE Conference – University of Pula, Croatia, 12–14 September 2018

The State of Capitalism and the State of Political Economy # Ernas Video at Juraj Dobrila University

Erna Solberg, the Norwegian prime-minister from the conservative party, Høyre, decided some years ago to use media as a political tool in order to reduce the influx of asylum seekers coming from the Balkans. These TV-productions was produced and broadcasted locally without informing the viewers that they were funded and initiated by Norwegian sources. A stark contrast to the principles promoted by the Norwegian educational projects in the Balkans regarding fair and objective journalism, also initiated by the same politicians.

`In his video titled "Erna's Video", the Norwegian artist Karl Ingar Røys analyses the production of documentaries whose aim is to inform the population of the less developed countries in Europe and worldwide of Norwegian tough immigration requirements. The films were conceived and commissioned by Erna Solberg, the former Minister of Local Government and Regional Development in the Norwegian government. Some independent media from the Balkan region also took part in their production. Karl Ingar Røys' work consists of showing the video and organizing discussions with the members of the film crews taking part in Erna's project, as well as with the local audience.`- Nebojsa Milikic, Rex Culture Center Belgrade

Juraj Dobrila University
Zagrebačka ul. 30
52100, Pula, Croatia


Thursday, 28 June 2018

Finissage & artist talks Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium

Preview – Foto: V Scholz

RIANXEIRA Single Channel HD Video. 15.11 min.

La Solfónica is a choir based in Madrid, which grew out of the protests at Puerta del Sol on May 15, 2011, the day after which the “15-M” movement is named. Formed in the run-up to regional elections, its members, inspired by the Arab Spring, demanded change in a system dominated by the conservative People’s Party and the center-left Socialist Workers’ Party, which was in power at the time. Performing classical music at demonstrations, the choir follows the tradition of composers like Giuseppe Verdi, who in the opera Nabucco propagated the liberation of northern Italy from Austria. This opera was written in 1841 and became closely linked with the Italian unification movement. David Alegre, conductor of La Solfónica, says the same message still resonates today in Spain, more than 170 years later. At that time he says, “it was a political military occupation but today the occupations are economic and ideological. We apparently have a democracy in Spain but they repress democratic features that allow citizens to participate and really change things”. Rianxeira is a film about collective resonance and dissonance as dissidence.

Velkommen til finissage med artist talks for Østlandsutstillingen 2018 på Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium
søndag 12.08. kl 16-18.
Enkel servering.

Årets Østlandsutstilling, den 39. i rekken, består av to likestilte utstillinger som vises overlappende i Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium fra 5. mai og i Trafo Kunsthall fra 9. juni.

Årets to utstillingssteder er på mange måter ulike hverandre, men har også visse fellestrekk – beliggenheten, i direkte nærhet til en togstasjon, og lokalitetenes opprinnelse fra industriell virksomhet. I Vestfossen eksisterte det fra 1886 til 1970 en papir- og cellulose fabrikk. Fabrikken ble nedlagt i 1970 og stod deretter tom i over 20 år, frem til kunstneren Morten Viskum kjøpte bygningen i 2001 og forvandlet de gamle fabrikklokalene til et visningssted for samtidskunst. Transformator-stasjonen i Asker ble bygget i 1922 for å sikre strømforsyning til Drammensbanen. Etter nedleggelsen av transformatorvirksomheten åpnet Galleri Trafo her i 2006. Begge bygningene i Vestfossen og Asker er bygget i teglstein og begge visningssteder har flotte gallerirom med stor takhøyde i røffe bygninger. Begge institusjoner har bygget seg opp basert på frivillig innsats fra idealister, Vestfossen basert på kunstnerdrevet initiativ og Trafo basert på samarbeid mellom politikere og kunstnere.

Circolo Scandinavo Rome

Please join us next Tuesday at 19.00  to meet up with the second set of November artists. During the evening our artists from Norwa...